Mayumi Beach House

Mayumi Beach House




Mayumi Beach House is one beach house you wouldn’t want to miss out on when you go to Boracay.

This 3 story beach house is located in Station 1, ideal for families or big groups of friends who want to have a private place of their own. However, each floor can be rented out separately for smaller parties.

We stayed at the second floor. The moment we walked into the room, the first thing we noticed was the magnificent view of the ocean. The use of glass panels maximized the view from the room. We immediately went to the balcony which easily became my favorite place on the property. I really liked how they had an outdoor living space. They have this big bamboo furniture where you can just throw yourself down and lounge. They also have a 4 seat dining table which was also perfectly placed so you could enjoy your meal while relishing the view.

The second floor room is equipped with 1 master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, and 1 guestroom with en-suite bathroom separated to the main area with sliding wood door panel. The master bedroom is beautiful and the bed is really comfy. The master bath is spacious and obviously well-maintained. They provided us with basic toiletries and to my surprise, peppermint shower gel. My favorite!

The kitchen was small but convenient and functional. All basic cooking utensils were available. Should you need any assistance, the housekeepers’ quarters are also located on the same floor so you can easily approach them.

The living room had a very homey vibe. One thing I noticed was that there was no TV in the main living room area, which for me was a clever idea of the owner to encourage social interaction in the house.

Another nice little touch was their guest book where guests can write about anything they want, a folder with all the information you need to know about the house, who to contact, what you can do in Boracay, where you should go, and almost everything about Boracay. These were such nice details to add especially for first-time tourists on the island.

The layout of the beach house really inspired me – every intricate detail was executed to perfection. We were very pleased.

We also had the opportunity to meet the owner, Ms. Elena, who was kind enough to allow us to check out their other beach houses. She was also very sweet to set up the beach beds for us to use. We also noticed that they had barbecue equipment outside which is really cool if you want to have your own barbecue party. The ground floor room has a long dining table which is really great for big families or group of friends.

After having our breakfast the next day in another hotel nearby, we noticed that our room didn’t have electricity. There had apparently been another island-wide blackout. Once the housekeepers noticed that we were on our way back to our room, they immediately turned on the generator. It is a good thing that they have a stand by generator for such cases. It was also carefully located at the back of the property so that you will hardly notice it.

“Our stay in Mayumi felt like a dream. It was an experience that we will never forget”
















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